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Difference between Standard and Professional License
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The major difference between a Standard and Professional License in GoCybetix
XVIEW - is a tool included only in the professional version of GoCybetix that allows you view a client desktop and also gives you full control over the system. The main purpose of this tool is to control the content of what a client is browse.
POS (Point-of-Sale) - is a tool only avaliable in the professional version of GoCybetix. This tool helps is sales management. It has both a sofware version and an hardware mode which will require an addition cost for purchasing the hardware. To see more about POS, click here
Download billing - is only avaliable in the professional version of GoCybetix. This is a tool that allows you control the download and upload speed of your client(s).
Webstorage - is an online sales report which allows you see your dialy sales report anywhere in the world by Login to our Site. The login information is always sent to the mailbox used in registering GoCybetix. If you don't know your login information please, Click here or email support@gocybetix.com. This tool is avaliable in the two(2) version of GoCybetix but the Standard version has a 6 months avaliablity in which henceforth a cost of N500 is paid per month to keep using this feature. The professional version has an unlimited avaliablity and therefore is not paid for afterward.
Yearly Payment - The Standard version now requires a N7,000 yearly payment in order to continue using it while the professional version has a one time payment fee.
Server Upgrade - the standard version doesn't require any payment for upgrade but the professional version may require payment for upgrade.
Cost difference - the standard version is cheaper than the professional version.
Future Inclusion - the professional version will certainly have more features added to it later in the future, besides that, there are some differences that are not listed.
Note - All licenses not used for a period of six months will are automatically removed and new licenses has to be purchased.

To try out GoCybetix download it. GoCybetix provides you with a none expiry version once downloaded, which gives a free 4 User license but with limited features until registered. You can also request for a 10 days trial for all your Computers.

"I have already paid and want to send the information to you inorder to get my license"

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