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for Cyber Café owners and offices.

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GoCybetix Timer Features

GoCybetix comes with a series of features that supercedes existing Cyber Timers in several ways and functionality.
Some of the more visible features are as follows:

General Features

    GoCybetix supports more than a 100 clients and can be purchased in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60 .........200 or Customized versions.
    GoCybetix comes in Standard and Professional Version. To see diference, Click here.
    It was designed to work on Windows platform - XP sp3, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
    Tickets can be created and customized by Server with complete price, expiration and time flexibility.
    Tickets can be printed in different print sized on a single A4 paper.
    Clients can be fully controlled from the server once GoCybetix is installed. This includes Pause, Unpause, Restart, Shutdown, Terminate GoCybetix, Close Internet Explorers, Lock System, Control Download Speed (Optional), Allocate Time without a ticket, Prevent Login, Log Off Client, Send Messages etc.
    The Client reconnects to server without closing the login session when there is a sudden disconnection from the server, thereby allowing continuous workflow.
    Reports can be generated in several different ways (Report of the usage of tickets, Report of dialy sales of tickets, Report of each computer used, Report of Tickets login and logout, Report of Generated Tickets, Report of server usage etc.)

Efficient Security

    The Server offers three types of logging account types to prevent unauthorized use of certain utilities (Administrator, User and Viewer).
    For more security GoCybetix allows you to hide or show Control Panel, Printers, Run button, Log Off button, Shutdown button, Desktop, Local Drives, Network Drives, Taskbar, Internet Explorer from Desktop, File Menu; lock the TaskBar, specify programs that you want running, restrict programs that you don't warn running, disable Registry Tools, etc.
    GoCybetix uses a secure encryption over the network to communicate with each other.
    GoCybetix will inform the Server once a Client is disconnect.
    GoCybetix has been tested to be hack-proof, and has many other security features to prevent unauthorized access.

Download Billing

    With downloading Billing, you can manage the bandwidth consumption of a user by tagging a Quota in MegaBytes to their ticket.
    This is a great option for clients who are using limited bandwidth.
    GoCybetix has a download billing tool that monitor and controls the speed of the Upload and Download of a client. This is an optional feature.
    This feature is only avaliable on the Professional License of GoCybetix.

Thin-Client & POS Support

    GoCybetix supports a Thin-Client Systems.
    GoCybetix Server and Client can be installed together on the Thin-Client server host. Then, the client can be hidden in Memory. When GoCybetix Server is set to Thin-Client Mode, this is automatically activated.
    For best practise, the Thin-Client Server and Client can be installed on a seperate Computer Systems.
    GoCybetix also supports the use of Hardware Point-Of-Sale(POS) printers in printing Tickets on demand.

Inventory Tools

    GoCybetix now includes an Inventory Tool for keeping track of sales of any goods or items. It is easy to use support dialy email report.
    This feature is only available for Professional License. Click here to download GoCybetix Inventory Guide.

Other Features

    GoCybetix has a set of Automated tools that helps you specify certain timed functions without your intervention (Pause when their is an Internet connection lost and vice versa; Shutdown Server and Clients at a specified time).
    GoCybetix has a better Connection Technology and a setup wizard that helps you in configuring clients for connection to the server just from one system. Really, connection is done automatically even though you have multiple network adaptors. All you have to do is make sure all the systems are on the same network.
    On GoCybetix website (www.gocybetix.com), you can login and view the activities going on your Cyber Café without being there. You can know the number of minutes used, the number of tickets used, the number of tickets generated, the number of tickets left etc. You can also Send messages and shutdown the Server and Clients.
    GoCybetix Xview allows you to view a clients desktop from server, keeping a perfect watch for fraudulent acts.
    GoCybetix Print Billing gives you control over your Clients prints by preventing printing without authorization or deduction of time for each print/Page made. Also a report for each print is saved. You can now also authorize printing with a password from a client without do it from ther server.
    GoCybetix has Ticket Group Activation tool that ensures that 2 authorized employee creates a set of tickets.
    GoCybetix does a Time Synchronization with GoCybetix Site to keep your Server time always accurate.
    You can also select certain computers to work with only special tickets with GoCybetix. These are called VIP tickets.
    GoCybetix supports creation membership tickets which include informations like picture slot from file and scanner, etc.

See our Pricing
For GoCybetix Standard & Professional License

  • Standard(N)Professional(N)
  • 5 Users License5,00010,000
  • 10 Users License10,00018,000
  • 15 Users License12,00022,000
  • 20 Users License15,00025,000
  • 25 Users License18,00030,000
  • 30 Users License20,00032,000
  • 40 Users License22,00035,000
  • 50 Users License25,00037,000
  • 60 Users License28,00038,000
  • 80 Users License30,00040,000
  • 100 Users License40,00050,000
  • 200 Users License60,00090,000
  • Contact Us for
    Customized License

Standard & Professional Difference


A license code is a unique number that is provided by GoCybetix once payment has been confirmed. This code is used to activate or register the shareware version of GoCybetix Server.

To obtain a license code, pay for GoCybetix by depositing or transferring amount into any of following Bank provided. Then, send payment details to us via email i.e. Name, Amount Paid, Type of License, What was paid for and Date Paid.

On verification of payment, you will be sent your license code via email. You can also call to accelerate the process.

Payment can be made to the following Banks:

  • Bank Name:Account Name:Account Number:
  • Zenith BankFatunla# Co Ltd1010494908
  • UBAFatunla# Co Ltd
  • GT BankFatunla Olawale0033581740
  • Access BankFatunla Olawale0022241762
  • Contact us for other
    Payment Method

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GoCybetix Server

Version: 4.0.2
File Size: 8.6MB
Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

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GoCybetix Client

Version: 4.0.2
File Size: 3.6MB
Operating System: XP sp3, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

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To get remote assistance, kindly download and install Teamviewer software from www.teamviewer.com/download and install setup file on your server and client systems.


After installation is complete, kindly setup TeamViewer to Allow Remote Control and send us your Partner IDs and Passwords. Then let us know when you will be available anytime between 9am-3pm (GMT+1) for a remote assistance.


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