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GoCybetix is a powerful and integrated billing software providing security, increased productivity, usage monitor and less workload for Cyber Café owners.

You can run a trial on GoCybetix by contacting info@gocybetix.com or 08023033220, 08033588821. Get your Timer of the new Millenium today.

GoCybetix functions by installing GoCybetix Server on a Computer and GoCybetix Clients on every other computer, which all are connected via a network. Randomly generated or customized tickets are created by the GoCybetix Server and are used to login into Computers on which GoCybetix Clients are installed. An unauthorized user is thereby prevented from using the Computers. All usages and logs are kept for records and reports.

Click to Download GoCybetix

To try out GoCybetix download it. GoCybetix provides you with a none expiry version once downloaded, which gives a free 4 User license but with limited features until registered. You can also request for a 10 days trial for all your Computers. GoCybetix comes in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 or you can contact us on (+234)8023033220, (+234)8033588821 or info@gocybetix.com for a customized license.

    Why GoCybetix?
  • GoCybetix Supports Thin Client System.
  • GoCybetix Download Control helps monitor and manage of bandwidth for each ticket [Avaliable with Professional Version].
  • GoCybetix AntiSpam lets you block undesired programs from running, also blocks undesired website (Sex, Extractor, etc.) preventing your IP from been blocked.
  • GoCybetix now comes with Point-of-Sale (POS) and also has POS included in FrontDesk so that you can print with POS without been directly on GoCybetix Server. [Avaliable with Professional Version].
  • GoCybetix now comes with Scandisk Utility to compress database and repair damaged GoCybetix files without reinstalling.
  • GoCybetix comes with a accurate Print Billing, Prevention and Report.
  • Quick-Ticket to generate tickets quickly and easily.
  • GoCybetix Xview allows you to view a clients desktop from server, keeping a perfect watch for fraudulent acts [Avaliable with Professional Version].
  • Global Information Retrieval i.e Login on our website and know what is happening at your Cyber Café anywhere in the world.
  • and much more

How can I get a Username and password?
How much do I pay for the different licenses?
I just want to know how to pay?
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